Sunday, August 30, 2009

Virgin Beach, San Juan

Our beach daytrip last Saturday, August 22 at Virgin Beach, San Juan. The place was nice. Suuuuuper hot at the beach!

Here are some pictures:

Mama, Papa and Joey (we all got dark!)

"i want coke..."

They were swimming in open water here. We went on a boat ride and stopped to feed the fish, then the others went in the water to go snorkeling and Julia wanted to jump in too! Scary! But Julia enjoyed it alot!

view of the beach

lolo and joey

mama, lola vicky, julia and lola marl

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The past two weeks at a glance

Aug. 3 (Monday)- Had dinner with my two best college buds at Mexicali, ATC. I haven't seen them in ages so we did alot of catching up. Thanks Cha and Sheng! You guys really made my day! Till next time!

Aug. 8 (Saturday)- Lia is here for the weekend so we planned an all girls gimmick. Went to Cuisine and Embassy at dFort. I had fun with the girls! But I honestly think that Embassy is a little bit too much for me. Haha! I'm OLD.

Before leaving for gimmick :)

group pic before going home

Aug. 9 (Sunday)- Drago's birthday! We went to BF and ordered pizza for everyone. Then Drago had to pack and head back to clark that afternoon. Weekends go by so fast!!! :(

Aug 14 (Friday)- Linggo ng Wika celebration in Zobel. We were asked to dress in Filipiniana costume. The kids had a parade and alot of other activities. What a tiring day!

When I got home I just rested for few minutes then had to head out again to go to a co-teacher's bday bash at Parque Espana, stayed there till around 10pm then left to pick up apa in Sucat. He spent the day with his family in his dad's side.

Now it's Saturday! Finally gonna see Drago again! :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun Monday :)

We didn't have school today because of the SONA, so I went with Apa in his morning activities: tennis at 6:30 and swimming at 10:30. That boy is a bundle of energy! He was out and about the whole day and didn't even take a nap.

Anyway, it's been ages since i've played tennis so i was a little bit rusty. But I had fun! It was great getting all the endorphins out :) We played from 6:30-7:30, got home around 8, had breakfast and rested for a while before getting ready for swimming. It was Apa's first day of swimming lessons and we all went with him. Julia had the most fun of all! As usual :)

Here are some pictures:

tabachuy :)
bugoy :)

my babies!

mama and joey

After swimming, Apa's other grandma picked him up and took him to lunch and shopping. He got back around late afternoon. Then, for dinner, we went to Mexicali. What a long , tiring, but FUN day :)

Tomorrow, back to work.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I have been on a MAJOR hiatus for the past few weeks (obviously, i mean look at my blog!). I just can't find the time! And whenever I do, I'd be too lazy to blog or even go online.

I'm getting old.

So anyway, since i don't want to go into so much detail, here's a bullet point version of my updates the past month:

  • My parents arrived from the states on July 11 (with my nephew Apa who will be spending his summer break with us) and so I got my new laptop and alot of other stuff from my sister :) I love getting my loot! Sorting through all the pasalubongs really excite me! Thanks ate for all the food, clothes, shoes and all the teacher stuff that you sent me :)
  • Drago left for Clark the very next day :( So much for the excitement. I really really miss him and i'm still getting used to the idea that for two years we'll only be seeing him on weekends.
  • At least my nephew is here and i've been spending most of my free time with him, showing him around... I took him to the mall, ate at all the places he wanted to try like Jollibee, Chowking and Shakey's :) and took him to the grocery to buy snacks that he likes and to ruins to get games for his DS and dvd's that he could watch. He seems to be having a good time naman, considering he spends most of the day with my mom and dad. hehe. He's a really good kid, it's not difficult having him around.
  • Been really busy with work, putting alot of serious effort into it like i never have before. I didn't realize how much i missed teaching until I started working in Zobel again. I guess the one year break helped ease the burn out :) Though I have to say, I've had better days in Zobel with the company of co-teachers who have become such really good friends, spending time in the faculty room chatting and lauging and eating (and whining and complaining...hehe...) Hay, I miss those days! Now it's just work, work, work.
  • I've been out of the social circle for such a long time, but honestly, I just really don't feel like going out lately. Especially since Drago left. I prefer spending time at home with Julia because she makes me forget that weird sad feeling of not having Drago around most of the week. She's such a smart and happy kid and I really enjoy watching all her antics. There's just too much of her dad in her!
  • So right now, I'm into lesson plan making, nephew-entertaining and daughter-watching. That's basically it. Hopefully, there'll be more exciting gimmicks in the next few weeks :) That's if I feel like doing something fun outside school/work and our house!
  • Oh, it was Krissy's birthay today and we went with Drago's family (minus Drago) to a family KTV place. It was alot of fun! Julia had a blast! (Is that considered gimmick?) =p
  • I don't even have any decent pictures of Julia (the last time I was able to take nice pictures was during our trip to Ark Avilon Zoo--posted in my facebook). I'll take pictures of her and Apa this week to show my sister.
Meanwhile, this is all I have :)

Jumping on the bed... her new hobby =p

di naman masyadong detailed no?

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I finally got my new laptop! Thanks ate! :)

Hello online world, i'm back! :)

updates and pictures soon.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Julia's Bday dinner at Chi's

We had our family dinner (Sabitsana side) for Julia's bday at Chi's yesterday. Good food but our orders took so long to be served. Tapos hindi pa sabay sabay dumadating. Nakaka bitin! But it was good nonetheless. All were present except for Tita Jill :( Julia's line up was not complete! It was fun, even though the girls, Maddie and Julia (actually mostly Julia, because Maddie was sick), was super hyper inside the restaurant. She kept on saying hi to the people at the other tables and banging on the glass doors. Nakakahiya =p

Thanks everyone for joining us for dinner! And thanks for all the gifts! Julia got a pretty dress and a huge box of Froot Loops from Ninang Krissy and Tito Chu, para hindi na daw sya mang agaw ng froot loops ng classmate nya :) Ninang Char gave her a cute dora shoulder bag, disposable toilet seat covers and a cool first aid kit that fits into my bag! Thanks Char! It's just what I need! Thanks also Tita Jill for the xylophone-slash-noisemaker! Our peace and quiet ends where Julia's fun begins! :) Hehe!

Here are some pictures taken at the dinner:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Highlights of the past few days...

June 15: Julia's first day of school at KinderCare
Drago and Ninang Krissy went with her :) She was crying at the beginning (as expected) but she warmed up after a while. I think her favorite part was snack time! hahaha.


working with clay

snack time!
(she likes eating her classmates' food! haha)

June 17: Our first day of school in Prep and Julia's birthday!

It was a suuuuper busy day! Good thing i prepared everything i needed for my class the day before. I just did a few last minute stuff in the morning before heading to KinderCare at 10 a.m. for Julia's bday party. I only asked for a 1 hour off so i had to rush. I passed by Red Ribbon to get a bday cake and then straight to Julia's school. Good thing Drago brought everything else already. We also prepared the loot bags the night before so we're all good. We served popcorn (which they loved!), wafer sticks and juice. Oh, but Julia was crying for a whole hour before the party started. I arrived at her school around 10am, just as they were about to set up and she was still crying! It's because parents and yayas weren't allowed in the room anymore. Guess that's why she got so agitated. Kawawa, bday pa naman nya. Anyway, the party was fun! She stopped crying when we gave her a stick-O. Cute ng kids! They sang happy birthday, then ate, had their pictures taken and then lined up to give gifts and get their loot bags :) It was a memorable event for us coz it's Julia's first school experience. I'm glad we did this! When she's bigger I can show her the pictures and she'll know how special it was :)

I posted all the pictures on facebook

By the way, my class that afternoon went well :) It really pays to be prepared, especially on the first day. I had fun meeting and getting to know the kids. I forgot how much i loved classroom teaching :)

Ok, 9 and a half months before summer vacation. Hehe!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's been a very busy couple of days after Julia's accident. Mostly because of work and going back and forth to U.P. to accomplish requirements for my M.A.

Being a freshman is hard because of all the procedures you have to undergo, but being a freshman in U.P. is a totally different story! It could have been much easier if I went to La Salle instead. I can go on complaining endlessly, but all the hassle aside, i'm pretty sure i'm going to like it in U.P. once i'm already there. I've always loved their campus (compared to the impossibly congested DLSU) and even though I still need a map to find my way around, it's actually quite fun. Besides, as they say, it's the U.P. experience :)

Anyway, i still have to go for my advisement and enrollment on Friday. It's the last day so hopefully I finish in one whole day. Or else, i'm out.

Here are some pics I took of Julia with her stitches :)

We had the stitches taken out today. The driver took yaya and Julia to MCP where they met Mama. Thanks Mama for assisting them!! As expected, Julia cried like a madman. But she's fine now. We're going to bf tonight so Julia could see everyone who just got back from Leyte and Bora :)